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My Childhood 
St. Louis

Missouri 63017


Tel: +1-636-675-7832


Meet The Team


Ginka Mateva

Board Member, Treasurer

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Ms. Ginka Mateva is a native of Rousse, Bulgaria, and she is currently based in

St. Louis, MO, USA.

She believes that all children deserve a fair chance to create a bright future for themselves.

Through her profession as a family photographer, she likes to focus on making people happy, by capturing special moments.

Ginka graduated from the School of Fine Art in Ruse, Bulgaria and she specialized in digital photography at St. Louis Community college.


Latchi Delchev

Founder, Board Member

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Ms. Latchi Delchev is a native of Rousse, Bulgaria and currently resides in St. Louis, MO, USA.

She is passionate about helping Bulgarian children in need, as every child deserves to have a happy childhood, an education, and an opportunity to pursue their dreams. Ms. Delchev holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and a Master's degree in International Relations, from Webster University,

St. Louis.


Mariya Vasileva

Board Member, Secretary

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Ms. Mariya Vasileva was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and currently resides in Springfield, MO, USA. 

She has a passion for helping others, especially children. Mariya is studying International Business Administration at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. In addition to being a full time student, Mariya volunteers at the "Boys and Girls Club" and the "Robberson Community Northwest Project Programming", on a monthly basis.


Borislav Dimitrov

Director - Marketing

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Mr. Borislav Dimitrov is a native of Kustendil, Bulgaria and currently resides in St. Louis, MO, USA.
He has 20+ years of experience with graphic and digital design.
Through the years he has been a member of various organizations, including non-profits.
Borislav has a Bachelor of Teaching in fine art and technologies.


Silvia Neykova

Board Advisor - Social Media

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Ms. Silvia Neykova was born in Dobrich, Bulgaria and currently resides in St. Louis, MO, USA.

She is a soon-to-be graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Marketing from Webster University. Silvia admires the organization's ambition and commitment to help Bulgarian kids in need, and she is always happy to contribute in making a positive impact in the lives of young children.


Vencislav Dimitrov

Director - Special Projects

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Mr. Vencislav Dimitov is a native of Gotse Delchev, Bulgaria, and currently resides in Sofia, Bulgaria.

He is passionate about helping Bulgarian kids in need, because he believes that every child should have a comfortable home, access to quality education, and a chance to thrive in a safe and positive environment.

He graduated from the School of Arts in Gotse Delchev, as a Pastry Chef, and is the co-owner of Orenda Bakery in Pancharevo, Bulgaria.


Latchesar Kaymakanov

Chairman - My Childhood Bulgaria

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Mr. Latchesar Kaymakanov was born in Silistra, Bulgaria and currently resides in Rousse, Bulgaria. He is retired, and loves helping children in need. He has been involved with various charitable missions since 2009.


Philipina Coneva

Director - Network Partners

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Ms. Philipina Coneva is a native of Rousse, Bulgaria. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance, and has many years of professional experience in the tourism industry. At the moment, she is studying toward a certification as a Holistic Nutritionist with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Since 2017, she works in the sphere of energy therapy. In 2017, her family needed financial support for a critical surgery for her older son. The funds were raised quickly, thanks to the generosity of friends, colleagues and strangers from all around the world. This experience helped Philipina realize how special and important it is to help people in need, and that we must be kind on a daily basis. As she works in the sphere of energy therapy, she believes that the positive energy which arises from kind deeds lift the vibrations of our planet, and makes the whole world a better place for us all.


Diko Yordanov

Director -  Beneficiary Relations

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Mr. Diko Yordanov is a native of Drachevo, Bulgaria and currently resides in Sofia, Bulgaria. He loves participating in charitable causes which help children develop new skills, and thus, contribute toward their happy childhoods. He is a graduate of "St. Kliment Ohridski" university in Sofia, and currently works as a photographer in Bulgaria, and abroad. 


Nadia Miteva

Director - Special Events

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Ms. Nadia Miteva was born in Yambol, Bulgaria and currently resides in Burgas, Bulgaria. She graduated with a law degree in 2011. Ms. Miteva currently works as an event coordinator, which allows her flexibility to care for her sons, one of whom has special needs.    

Having been through many difficult moments herself, she welcomes opportunities to help others in need.


Yoanna Ivanova


Board Advisor - Finance

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Ms. Yoanna Ivanova was born and raised in Vidin, Bulgaria, and has been residing in St. Louis, MO, USA, since 2013.

She believes in the value of honoring one's roots and bringing the know-how of her field in service to the philanthropic mission of strengthening a community's greatest investment - its children.

She is a Magna Cum Laude St. Louis University graduate, with a Bachelor's degree in Finance, and Economics.

Yoanna is currently serving as a Credit Analyst for Stifel Financial and a part-time tutor for accounting and economics students.



Georgi Leshkov

Director- Supplier Network

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Mr. Georgi Leshkov is a native of Gotse Delchev, Bulgaria and currently resides in St. Louis, MO, USA.

He wishes to contribute toward projects which bring happiness, joy, and security to children in need. "They are our future, and we must take care of them," Mr. Leshkov says.

He is a graduate of the American University in Bulgaria, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in International Relations. 


Stanislav Ivanov

Director - Public Relations

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Dr. Stanislav Ivanov is a medical doctor and currently practices medicine at "Lozenec" hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is a graduate of the Medical University in Sofia, and has a passion for participating in charitable projects. 


Asya Velichkova

Director - Donor Relations

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Ms. Asya Velichkova resides in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is an AUBG alumna - class of 2020, and holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Marketing.

Ms. Velichkova believes that by helping individual people, we are helping society as a whole.

She advocates that we must help children because there is no purer and truer happiness than the burning flame in children's eyes. A flame of hope, love, and curiosity. A flame that arises from the idea that they are not alone, and that they are loved. Ms. Velichkova says that "by doing good deeds, we give new lives, dreams and wings to these small, fragile birds, giving both meaning and incentive to develop and believe in the goodness of humanity".

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