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St. Louis, USA

Sofia, Bulgaria

Rousse, Bulgaria

Bourgas, Bulgaria


My Childhood is a non-profit organization registered in the state of Missouri, USA. Our local entity in Bulgaria is registered in Rousse. We completed our first mission in December, 2009, with a donation of holiday presents to a children's home in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

We are actively working to help Bulgarian kids in need, through direct donations of food, clothes, books, school materials, toys, and other items, based on the specific circumstances.


We are proud to maintain the following principles, which have been in place since 2009:

  • We operate with the highest degree of integrity, and transparency for our donors, in order for them to witness the significant, positive impact their support brings, to Bulgarian children in need.

  • Our approach is highly personalized.

  • 100% of all funds received from donors are used for the children. Your donations are never used for operating costs.

  • We never give money in cash; we purchase the necessary items and donate what is needed.

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