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Happy Children


How to help

  • Join our monthly causes, which have various themes including donations of toys, food, books, clothes, and art supplies, as well as helping children receive critical medical treatments.

  • Organize a fundraiser for your birthday, or other special occasion, in support of My Childhood.

  • Become a My Childhood Ambassador, by sharing our posts and causes with family and friends, on social media and beyond. 

Special project

We have committed to supporting 3 children who live in Hurlec, Bulgaria, with monthly access to a tablet & internet so they can be successful in school. Please consider a contribution toward this mission for Vesi, Emi, and Nikolay.

Coloring Book 

We are working on our first coloring book, featuring works of art by talented students attending the National School of Arts in Rousse, Bulgaria!

"Louis, the Kind Bear" 

Coming FALL/WINTER 2022!

Our little bear, Louis, is on a journey to "come alive" via a children's book! He will share his journey of helping others, and the joy this brings to his own life!


Latest project

We are currently fundraising to support Ukrainian mothers and children who are fleeing the war. 


We are donating funds for food and utilities, notebooks, pens and other school supplies.

The need is truly significant.

Please join our mission, by making a donation today!

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